Examples of Good Blog Names

A great way to get ideas for your blog name is to take a look at examples of existing blog names that are catchy and memorable.

Here’s a selection of good blog names created with different naming styles and techniques:

  • Saveur (http://www.saveur.com) – A fantastic name for a food blog using ‘savour’ as a base word together with an ‘eur’ suffix to give it a French flavour and a potential blend with ‘connoisseur’ to suggest that the blogger is a food expert.
  • Fashoenista (http://www.thefashoenista.com) – A clever play on the word ‘fashionista’ to define the focus of the site on footwear and shoes.
  • Blogue (http://www.blogue.us) – A fashion blog that combines ‘blog’ with ‘vogue’ nicely to produce a unique brand that sounds great.
  • Satisfashion (http://www.satisfashion.org) – Simply a perfect fit of combining ‘satisfaction’ with ‘fashion’.

This post will continually be updated with great blog names. Feel free to contribute any you know in the comments below.

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